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Lunch ENtertainment

Bill Purk and the Muleskinners

Raised by two members of the “greatest generation”, Bill Purk has been pickin’ and singin’ since “Ike” was in office. Proficient on 6 instruments, Bill usually relies on his trusty Martin D-28 to help him entertain. Donning one of several Stetsons in his collection, he delivers many jokes, stories of a time foreign to many to today, but oh so vivid to many in his audiences. He incorporates tunes from the 30’s/ 40’s/ 50’s and 60’s plus a good healthy dose of Gospel music and sing-a-longs.

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Dinner ENtertainment

Second Story Acoustic

Second Story Acoustic is comprised of Rod Brown, Doug Yoder and Ron Skaggs, all originally from Plain City.  We have been in various bands together for over 40 years playing tunes that are familiar and enjoyable to listen to or sing along with.  Our tunes consist of country, classic rock, jazz and blues, all with our own twist.  We play all around Central Ohio in various venues such as wineries, breweries and restaurants as well as private events.

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